Quaidians Literary Society (QLS) is one of the most extensively dynamic and vibrant societies in the realm of College’s extra-curricular activities. QLS provides a medium for creative expression to all literary enthusiasts around the campus, and helps the students to discover their potential in any area they identify with, in order to equip them with a tool to voice their outlook and to help them take the primary stride towards shaping these minute notions into the changes they incline to bring about in the world around them.

QLS is not just a society working for promotion of literature in QAMC, but also a family that stays together during all ups and downs. Here we celebrate each other’s joys and share each other’s worries. It is a place where you are recognized based your talent and dedication. Here we tend to create a platform that provides everyone with equal opportunities to express ideas and make an impact.


The Quaidians Literary Society is committed to promoting the last vestiges of literary essence in their most authentic form, restoring them, and disseminating them to the interested publuic. The society strives:
• To promote imagination-based creativity
• To improve the students’ linguistic and writing abilities
• To examine the subtle undertones of many literary aspects.

The goal of the Quaidians Literary Society is to encourage reading, participation in debates, thoughtful consideration of literature, and creative writing as worthwhile social activities. QLS is committed to helping students build effective communication skills, and the organization is ready to help those with cutting-edge abilities hone and polish their literary abilities.

In addition, the organization hopes to create a forum for students to form new acquaintances, foster confidence, exchange ideas, and to encourage a friendly banter to endorse the beauty of different ideas.

The Quaidians Literary Society is an autonomous, professional organization that welcomes scholars, literature admirers, teachers and students from all around the nation. The society welcomes the contribution of all who produce content for the study and hopes for productive collaboration between scholars, artists and literary enthusiasts. We propose a regular prospect to students with interest in literature to listen to and question writers and speakers on diverse literary topics. We work in strong liaison with literary societies of other universities and educational institutes of Punjab.
Core Values
  • Accessibility
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Discover
  • Merit
  • To provide a platform through multiple events, talks, sessions, and discussions where the QLS community can revamp the lost interest in literature.
  • To assist aspiring writers in channelizing their potentials in the right direction providing a path to help them better understand their capabilities.
  • To promote mingling and socializing amongst members which will prove to be a fail-safe method for everyone to explore and hone the reservoirs from which their skills originate.
  • To help its members in producing their own literary works
  • To have fun along with work.
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