She was staring outside the window of the bus…It was her first time traveling alone!!! But she didn’t feel any fear except the fear of people’s eyes!!!


And then again a person was sitting behind her seat…she wanted privacy but couldn’t!!!


  The bus started off and then she began to notice the trees!!! Why they seem to be running? WHY??? Why it seems everything is getting reversed??

      WHY can’t I hold any scene in my eyes?


Everything has its own time, has its worth…we always want to hold the people, the things which are dear to us…But nothing stays.


Life is like a Bus moving on a road…We meet a lot of persons on this road, but in the end, everything goes back at its time. We can’t blame anyone; for anything, these are trees they have to stay at their own place. We have to move away onto the next tree, but we always blame trees.


You Can’t embrace the care of the shadow of the tree on your terms. You have to leave your bus and stay. To embrace attention and affection, you have to have to give up that seat you are comfortably sitting in.

We have to change our route, our track every time!

                                                                                                                                                                   Aliya Nove

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