In the emptiness of the world,
I used to search in vain
For a fulfilling love.
In the hollowness of universe,
I dared to look for concrete emotions.
In the city of ostensible flattery and insincere gestures,
I wandered hoping to bump into a pumping heart, on someone’s sleeve.
The facade of the world,
Made me poignant to the passing time.
I assuredly couldn’t be like the rest of them.
Utterly poor souls, hiding  the barrenness of their depressing lives into fake smiles.
Covering up the bitterness of their tongues, sinfulness of their souls, in branded shoes and indifferent attitudes.
I kept searching for meaning, gazing in their conceited eyes.
One day I sat by myself , longing for a moment of authenticity, away from the deceptive masks they wore.
The winds gave me the message.
Don’t be like the rest of them. Instead,
Be like the wildflower, striving to bloom in grace  wherever the breeze takes it.
Be like the moon, an emblem of hope in the sulky night.
Be like the stars,
Scintillating amongst the dark clouds.
Be as you are, kind and gentle.
Stay patient and in serendipity the universe will bring you.
The fervent love, the tranquility of mind, the unfeigned emotions, the meaning of life, you’ve been searching for.

By Ayesha Siddiqua
First year

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